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My first broken bone.... [May. 19th, 2010|02:57 pm]
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Tuesday was the last day of the semester. I took my math final and went home. However, that was not the big event of the day. I decided to go to the gym later on that night. What's weird looking back is I had a really horrible feeling before I left, and as I was walking. I went to cross the street, and this douche bag was on the side street turning. I swear I had the right away, but whatever. He saw me, and kept going. I just remember seeing the car coming at me, and freezing. I don't know if I tried to get away or what. Next thing I know I am on the road grabbing my right leg. The guy eventually got out of his car and asked "Are you okay?". and I responded " No! I am not fucking okay!" He went off and called 911. In the meantime I was in the middle of Welsh. I kept trying to move to the side of the road, and was getting yelled at not to move. This bitch ass witness kept saying I wasn't paying attention, when what I said to her was I think he wasn't paying attention. There happened to be a cop in the area, and when he was told the story he said " It doesn't matter the pedestrian always has the right away." Eventually the ambulance guys came, and got me on a stretchier. A little bit after that the cop that was called got there, and took all the information down. What was great, was I didn't have anything on me. I had no phone, or ID. So, I used one of the ambulance guys phones. Of course no one picks up to a number they don't know, and I only know four numbers by heart anyway. (Thank you cell phones) They took me to Frankford/Torresdale. I will never go there again, if I have a choice. The person who checked me in, had more bedside manor than anyone else. I was in shock, shaking and crying. No one seemed to being paying attention to that, or anything else. I actually got asked if I was suicidal. I was like are you serious, and they said they had to ask everyone that. Then one of the nurses asked what hurt, I said my foot, and she throw an ice pack on me, and said put it on what hurts. Sorry, I don't feel like quoting right now, but whoever reads this will hopefully forgive. After I got X-rays, the lady who checked me in let me use the phone. I was able to get a hold of my dad. He got there before I got told what was going on. Three hours after getting there, they take me into the back. I got told I have a fractured bone in my foot. They didn't know how bad it was, and told me I would have to go see an orthopedic tomorrow. I got put in a splint, and given a prescription for perks and something else. Just to let everyone know, I suck on crutches. I am god awful on them. If you thought I was slow before, oh man you ain't seen nothing. I am most likely the worst person ever on them. On the way to my apartment I fell back on my foot twice. My dad stayed with me for a little bit, but he had taken some sleeping pills before all this happened and they were kicking in. Thankfully, though Will came over, and was my personal bitch all night. I didn't fall asleep for awhile. I was in such shock, and my body wouldn't stop shaking. Yesterday, my dad took me to the orthopedic. I do have a fractured bone. However, it isn't that bad. They put me in what is called a "Walking Cast". So, I am some what mobile. I only have to wear the thing for three weeks, and its blue. Considering what could have happened, I lucked out. I guess cause I was in such shock, the only thing I felt was the broken bone. Now, I feel my ribs, and everything else that hurts from the impact. I went twenty five years without one broken bone. I think that's a pretty long record. When I was trying to get a hold of people, I could only call the three out of the four numbers I know. I wanted to call the fourth number, but I knew not to. Now, I have to see if I can get use to this cast, at least well enough to go to summer 1. One cool thing about this, is I made my Dad and Will my bitches...lol However, I would give anything right now to take a shower. I just don't feel strong enough on the cast to do it yet. So, that is how I broke my first bone. I do nothing half ass.~